Why Brewster?

WENATCHEE.jpgMy roots in Okanogan County pre-date the State of Washington!

My great, great grandfather, C.A. Harris, was the first white settler in the Entiat Valley. He was great friends with Chief Silico Saska. In 1888, he started a sawmill on Badger Mountain to cut lumber for the local courthouse and Waterville High School. In 1892, he built a new mill at the mouth of the Entiat River and cut timbers for the main line of the Great Northern Railroad. In 1917, C.A. Harris and my grandfather, Harris Thomason, began construction of a sawmill and box factory at Mills Canyon along the Entiat River. This mill was moved to Muddy Creek and again in 1932 to the town of Ardenvoir (which was named after C.A. Harris’s son, Arden).

In 1961, Harris M. Thomason and his wife Esther moved to Manson and began farming apples in Brewster in 1965. My father, Richard Thomason, and mother, Linda Thomason, moved to Brewster in 1972 to open the apple farming company, Maverick Orchards. My parents continue to grow apples and cherries in Brewster and Bridgeport.

Why Brewster? Where else can I have a motocross track in my back yard? My father and I raced motorcycles throughout the years, and we have a track frequented by local riders on the Brewster Flats.

Why Brewster? Where else can I help Hall of Fame Land Speed Racers Richard Thomason (my dad) and Ed Tradup try to beat the 450 MPH land speed record in their world-class race car shop?

Why Brewster? Where else can I take my family snow skiing at a fantastic area only 45 minutes away (where I helped build the chairlift)?

Why Brewster? Where else can I take my wife and kids deer hunting in the morning, water skiing in the afternoon, and cider pressing in the evening?

I moved home to Brewster so that I could raise my family in the country— where life happens.